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Solum Sdn. Bhd. is specialist with many years of experience in marketing and active search for attractive business opportunities. The focus of the company is to find the ideal business opportunities for our clients. Solum Sdn. Bhd. offers its clients a wide range of products and opportunities. Managers with many years of experience together with our external consultants are always ready to hunt down and quickly execute business deals. Employees of Solum Sdn. Bhd. are ready to assist you every time you will need it. Solum Sdn. Bhd. is managed in accordance with applicable law in Malaysia and is subject to the legal jurisdiction of Malaysia.

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Solum Sdn. Bhd. offers its clients wide range of professional services focused on client’s satisfaction. Core business which Solum Sdn. Bhd. provides is market research which is done by skilled managers with many years of experience. Market research saves our customers a lot of time and effort. After careful market review comes analytical analysis of different markets and business opportunities done by our analytical team. Afterwards the best business opportunities are chosen, comes part of informing our clients about our findings. Solum Sdn. Bhd. approach to each client individually and choose best opportunities for them personally. This part of our services belongs to marketing category.

In case of any questions, our clients can contact us through our client support, which we provide 365 days a year.

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Solum Sdn. Bhd. Is looking for skilled, motivated employees with ability and willingness to work hard and achieve company’s objectives. Company offers employees ideal working conditions with potential to learn and achieve new things. You can learn from the best managers with many years of experience and from our foreign and external experts.

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